Advanced Neural Dynamics, Inc.

High Content Assessment of Nerve Cells

To measure the effects of compounds on neural structure, high content assessment can be used.

Fluorescence photomicrograph of Hippocampal neuron labeled with a nuclear stain and an antibody to a neuronal surface marker. This neuron was maintained in cell culture for 15 days.

Five-day-old hippocampal cultures are shown that demonstrate the optimized plating density. These cultures are maintained in serum-free nutrient medium.

Three part picture of micro-imaging of hippocampal neurons. First panel on left is neuronal nuclei stained with a Hoechst dye. Second panel is same microscopic field with the neuronal body and neurites detected with an antibody to type III beta tubulin. The third panel is the color-coded neurite fields of the processed image analysis of this neural network. The image analysis was made with the "Neuronal Profiling" program from Cellomics, Inc.

The response of hippocampal neurons to various concentrations of glutamate is shown. Decreases in total neurite length are shown after 5 minute treatment with glutamate followed by an assessment 24 hours later.